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Geotechnical Equipment

Atlantis Geoservices supplies specialist soil testing equipment to the marine geotechnical market.


Our expertise and the core of our business is marine seabed CPT testing and sampling, ranging from lightweight to heavy duty systems to cater for a wide range of project criteria.

All our equipment is of the highest specification and is supplied complete with experienced operational teams, offshore operating units and workshops along with robust spares packages to ensure 100% success in the field.

A.P Van Den Berg

Our ROSON 100kN CPT system uses state-of-the-art digital sensors and cones, providing superior data quality and ease of operation. 

Our system comes with a modular ballast design allowing it to be configured from 50-100kN thrust capacity in water depths of up to 1500m.


A.P Van Den Berg

For smaller thrust capacity we can offer a ROSON 50 unit capable of  pushing 20-50kN.


This is a lighter weight and more compact unit suitable for projects involving a modest vessel with less dense soil conditions in water depths up to 1500m.


We can provide high frequency and high powered vibrocorers for use in a variety of soil types and core lengths up to 12m.


Combined with various types of cutting shoes and core catchers to give the best recovery achievable in water depths up to 300m in standard configurations with deep water capabilities on request.

Atlantis Geoservices Vibrocorer_edited.jpg

Laboratory Testing

Our custom-built Offshore Geotechnical Laboratories provide real-time sample analysis for offshore geotechnical site characterisation using calibrated highly specified laboratory equipment. 

Designed within 20 ft ISO containers, our laboratory can be mobilised on any vessel to provide maximum versatility in the field and is laid out to provide efficient and high quality sample analysis. 

Piston Coring

Our piston core systems allow for high quality undisturbed core sampling in a variety of soil types using trusted and proven technologies.

We can supply various options for gravity and piston coring complete with bespoke launch and recovery systems, to cater for a range of vessel and project requirements for any geological, geotechnical or environmental survey


Grab Sampling

To complement our geotechnical testing and sampling equipment we can supply any manner of subsea sediment sampling systems.

This includes an extensive range of grab samplers including Hamon Grabs, Day Grabs and Van Veen Grabs. (0.1m2 to 0.2m2).


ROV Push Sampling

We are able to supply a number of specialist survey tools developed by Benthic Solutions and designed specifically for use with remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

This includes frame-mounted ROV multi-corers with 1.5 and 2m penetration options and basket deployed operated ROV/diver corers with 8x0.3 – 1.2m penetration and duplicated mini ROV operated box corers each with a 0.1m2 sampling area.

Box Coring

Various box corer systems are available for taking larger undisturbed samples.

We can offer USNEL & GOMEX box corers through our partner Benthic Solutions Ltd, for taking up to 400 litres over 0.25m² & 0.5m² surface areas. These can be deployed in deep waters down to 6000m water depths.

BC deployment GLand (23).jpg

Constant Tension Umbilical Handling

All our systems are provided with electrical constant tensions winches as standard to ensure hands-free umbilical cable handling.

Our electrical based winches are silent, reliable and easy to install to allow efficient and reliable operations down to 1500m. 


Operational Workshops

All our systems come with highly specified offshore rated operational workshops and operating areas. 

This ensures professional, quick and efficient mobilisations and operations regardless of the location and vessel.


The Icontrol is the fully digital data acquisition unit that combined with the Icone guarantee's the quality and reliability of the data obtained from our ROSON CPT units. 

Digital Icones

We supply various digital Icones providing high quality data acquisition. The Icone combines strength, reliability and economy being more accurate and 40% stronger than previous analogue cones.

Icones can be combined with various add-on modules to provide additional parameters of measurement.

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