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About Us

Finding innovation at every turn...

Atlantis Geoservices was established on the belief that offshore industries thrive on innovation. Our goal is to continuously apply innovative products and processes directly to offshore marine geotechnics, to continuously meet client requirements in this unique and demanding environment. 

We have seen first-hand through extensive industry experience in the field how innovative solutions and developments can make significant impacts within the industry to help drive forward safety, efficiency and quality standards.


Our strengths lie at being at the forefront of the industry, working first-hand with the most state-of-the-art seabed soil testing systems on the market.

Atlantis CPT ROSON Deck

Our Story

The company was founded in 2021 with a team that share a passion for offshore geotechnics. 

We have an extensive background and knowledge base within the geotechnical seabed market, along with a huge wealth of combined experience. This has been gained being on the forefront of the industry over the last 30+ years, working globally in the most challenging of environments with the most innovative seabed testing tools.

Our goal is to provide geotechnical services that meet the absolute highest standards of performance, productivity and safety in the field.

Our Reporting Partner

Our Partners within the Asteroceras Group

Benthic Solutions Ltd

Environmental Surveys

Marine electronics



Underwater Acoustics

Our key equipment suppliers

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